Sunday, 3 August 2014

Poo, Wee and More Poo

After my 'quick operation' on Thursday I wasn't allowed to feed Pop because of the drugs that were used. Since I started feeding him again, the boy has not stopped feeding, which has meant his nappies have been explosive (and that's putting it mildly!)

Yesterday afternoon The Husband went out to have his hair cut and took Big Girl with him leaving me with Baby Girl and Pop, there was a distinct smell coming from Pop and then the noise, like a rumbling car engine that seemed to go on forever. Baby Girl was really enthusiastic about helping, she doesn't get much of a chance with her sister and wanted to feel special. She ran to get me a new nappy and a bag just like her sister would, pulled out the changing mat and handed over the wet wipes thrilled to be big enough to take over her sisters role.

Then while I set about cleaning up the boy (who had poo on his feet and poo on his neck, it was not funny despite his giggles!) she had an idea. 'I'll get him new clothes! I'll get a new vest and I'll get a new t-shirt and I'll get a new baby grow and I'll get a new socks' she shouted as she ran up stairs to look in his drawers. I wasn't paying much attention as I was wrist deep in baby poo, but as I was finishing up with the wet wipes the was a shout 'mummy' it got louder and louder until I could ignore the shouts of 'MUMMY' no longer. 'what's wrong?' I called back. 'there's a wee wee puddle on your floor' came the response. I sighed, shouted 'DON'T MOVE' knowing full well she panics and runs around the room leaving a trail of wet carpet behind her, finished securing the nappy and ran upstairs to find her stamping in a puddle of wee and sure enough the wee trail all over the carpet.

I cleaned her up, grabbed some clothes for the baby, got him dressed, phoned the husband and ended up telling him off for laughing at my plight and fired  up the computer thinking of ways to tell you what happened, hoping you would feel sympathy for me rather than thinking it hilarious like he did. And then it happened. Baby Girl (who didn't have any clothes on at this point) climbed up on to the Ottoman and said 'it fell down' 'what did?' was my response 'the poo did mum. The poo fell down there'...

I'm scared to look, don't you just love this potty training stuff!

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