Monday, 11 August 2014

Siblings ~ August

My duo have been a trio for 3 months now, I've been really impressed with how well the girls have accepted Pop into our family and although we have had a few issues, we haven't really had any jealously towards Pop. Although Baby Girl did make me laugh earlier in the month when she was climbing on me. I was feeding Pop at the time and asked her to be careful because she was going to end up hurting someone. She looked at me with big innocent eyes and said, 'no, only Pop.' It's good to see he's fitting in just how a younger sibling should!

I thought getting 2 children looking at the camera at the same time with smiles, clean faces and nothing in their mouths was hard until I tried to take this photo! I started taking the photo at 8.30am and, in between feeding, nappy changes, changing camera and techniques, lunch, and tantrums, we finally managed to get a decent picture at 3pm! 

I'm very grateful for this project as it has made me stop and take a photo of all three children which is a rare opportunity at the moment. I usually get one or two children, but rarely the three of them together. I've also carved some time out in the diary so we can join in with Me & Mine this month, because we haven't actually had a family photo taken since before Pop was born!
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