Sunday, 17 August 2014

What A Week!

I am not sorry to say goodbye to this past week! I've barely blogged and haven't been around much on Instagram or even got my camera out, its just been one long, never ending week.

It started with The Husband going off to Copenhagen for work and us not knowing what shoes to wear as the weather just couldn't make up its mind, and I managed to capture a beautiful picture of the children together for this months Siblings post then the week went down hill. Maybe the clue should have been the pants in the fruit bowl?

I woke up on Tuesday morning with a really bad stomach ache and ended up waking up on the bathroom floor with Big Girl on the phone to my Mum, my Dad on his way over and no idea what had happened. I'm very grateful Big Girl was able to get the phone, she says I phoned Nana and told her to 'talk' and I must have done, but I don't remember it. I've spent the reminder of the week teaching her how to unlock my mobile and call for help in an emergency. I'm suddenly very aware that I'm only human and my girls need to be able to get help if anything happens to me. 

It feels like I spent most of the week recovering and trying to catch up with washing and tidying, I was so grateful to see The Husband when he walked through the door, although I don't think he was happy to walk into the chaos.

Finally on Friday I was back on top of things...well almost.  Baby Girl went quiet, then bought me her doll, what is it they say about quiet children! After feeling rough all week I decided, as a treat to book an appointment at the hair dressers to get Baby Girls hair cut, my hair restyled and Big Girls fringe trimmed. My blood ran cold when I went to get my purse out of my bag and Big Girl said 'your purse is at home' she went on to explain that Baby Girl had taken it out that morning and we had been in such a rush to leave the house I had forgotten to check it was there. I was mortified and made to feel like a criminal, I had the hairdresser follow me home to get my purse, then on to the cash point to get some cash to pay her. I was so embarrassed and I will never be going back there, she didn't even do what I asked, but in proper British style, I sat there and let her do it then told her it looked lovely and I was happy!

On Saturday I made some cookies for the great blogger bake off and breathed a huge sigh of relief that the week was over. Along with Pop waking up every 2 hours during the night, some thing he hasn't done since the early weeks, this week has exhausted me! I did manage to end the week on a semi high when for the first time in a very long time I managed to slip my wedding rings on. I am so grateful to welcome a new week today and I really hope this one is better than the last!

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