Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Biology Lesson from a 3 year old.

I should warn you today's post is completely and totally too much information! If you don't have toddlers and are squeamish about bodily functions I suggest you move on, this post is not for you. If however you would like to know how my 3 year old thinks diarrhea is made then read on!

Every now and then Big Girl gets a bout of toddler diarrhea, Its left over from the days of her milk intolerance which has all but disappeared, apart from the occasional bout of diarrhea when she drinks a milkshake and has cheese for lunch or eats one too many yogurts in a week. 

This morning we heard the familiar cry of 'Mummy I've done a poo and its really runny!' I went to help her and she said 'I know how diarrhea is made' 'do you' I responded, more grossed out at the task in hand. 'Yes mummy. Diarrhea is made when the wee is stuck behind the poo and it wont come out. The wee has to push past the poo and it mixes and it gets all runny.' 

Sometimes the conversations I have with my toddlers are just delightful! 

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