Monday, 1 September 2014

Me & Mine ~ August

This is our first ever family photograph with all 5 of us in. Its only taken me 4 months to get around to it!

Baby Pop turned 17 weeks, hes a happy smiley baby and can now grasp toys with both hands and put it in his mouth. Hes now wearing 6-9 month clothes and we've switched him to reusable nappies as he seems to have very sensitive skin

Baby Girl is still adjusting to life as the middle child. It turns out she is quite a little Einstein, her maths skills rival her sisters and she is getting to grips quite rapidly with her numbers.

Big Girl is excited about starting 'school' again next month, she is starting to sound words out and can confidently add and takeaway to the value of 5! 

The Husband has been working in Copenhagen and enjoying the sites, while trying not to let on to me that he loves his new client! He's really looking forward to walking up Snowdon next month and is hoping he doesn't end up in hospital again.

I enjoyed celebrating my 27th birthday and am looking forward to teaching the girls again in September and we have lots of fun projects coming up before Christmas like the human body and hot & cold. I'm really getting in to the swing of being a mum to 3 and cant wait for my uni course to start. 

September is going to be another fun month for us all. 

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