Monday, 27 October 2014

A Halloween Party

In our house Halloween is really exciting, not because of the trick or treating, spooky goings on or the creepy costumes, but because Halloween marks Big Girls Birthday! I cant believe she is going to be 4, the last 4 years have zipped by so quickly and it feels like just yesterday The Husband and I bought her home from hospital set her car seat down on the living room floor sat on the sofa started at her and said 'what do we do with her now?!'

As her birthday is so close to Halloween, last year we had a Halloween themed party, she dressed up as a Friendly Witch and invited all of her friends to our home to celebrate.

She loved playing the spooky Halloween games such as pin the bones on the skeleton and eating all the Halloween food we had prepared. We had pumpkin and bat sandwiches and ghost bananas washed down with ghost juice.

We carved up pumpkins and turned them into witch hat holders!

I made a pumpkin cake, I had a few problems (as you can see) with the icing melting, but figured it added to the effect and thought over all it was really quite good!

She loved handing out party bags at the end to say thank you to her lovely guests

Big Girl loved her Halloween themed party and is really looking forward to her 4th birthday tea party later in the week

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