Monday, 13 October 2014

A trip to A&E

In order to blog, keep up with social media channels and fit in my uni work each day I've taken to working outside, sitting in my car whilst Pop sleeps in his car seat and the girls play in the street with their chalks, scooters, skittles or just running up and down with each other. (Our back garden is very small with little room to play and there is definitely more room to play on the street!) 

Last week while we were all outside, Baby Girl slipped and grazed her knee, she was so upset and wouldn't walk on it for the rest of the day. We put it down to her sensory issues and thought on Friday morning she would be much better. We were woken up on Friday morning by the biggest, loudest, scream you can imagine. Baby Girl claimed not to
be able to walk, she wouldn't move, was cradling her knee and was very upset. So off to A&E we went!

Luckily at 8am on a Friday morning it wasn't too busy and we were seen quite quick, When the first Dr came in she was limping, very upset and would barely move. By 10am and the 2nd Dr she was running around on it fine, typical kids! They decided she probably just bruised it and off we went home. On Sunday morning it was much of the same, she was limping, cradling it and claiming it was hurting lots and lots. I took her off to A&E again the whole time she flipped between limping on it and running fine! So this time the Dr decided too X-ray just in case. 

She quite enjoyed having a special photo of her leg taken, although she was very disappointed she couldn't look at it after! Her knee was fine, there was no sign of a break or fracture. Phew! Through out the week her knee was still hurting, some mornings she would wake up crying and some days she would suddenly claim it hurt her too much to walk, and then, quite by accident, I hurt my hand. I had a small graze and cut on my knuckles and she wouldn't touch me. She told me it hurt me lots and couldn't bear to hold that hand or even look at it. 

Suddenly I realised if that was her reaction to
a cut on my body how must it feel to have similar on hers, except hers was much bigger! Every day we are discovering new issues with her, every day adding things to the list so we remember to tell the consultant. Some days it feels like we are taking 10 big steps backwards and others we are finally breaking through the layers in understanding our Baby Girl. 

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