Friday, 24 October 2014

Jamie's Comfort Food

When it comes to cookery books and TV chefs, The Husband and I are fans of real food, good portions, ingredients that can be found in any supermarket, simple instructions and names we can pronounce! One of our favourites has to be Jamie Oliver and when I heard he had a new book out I was interested. I have a few of his other recipe books and they have always been my go to books when we have friends over. 

Jamie's Comfort Food is packed with 100 scrumptious, happy, classic recipes. We had a go at making the Risotto Allo Zafferano...not so simple to pronounce, but very easy to make! The ingredients were also very easy to get hold of in any supermarket, including the Saffron, which I had never bought before and didn't realise its found in most herb and spice sections.

The book is jam packed full of easy simple meals with a luxurious twist. Dishes that you just want to curl up with after a difficult or stressful day. The recipes are written in classic Jamie style, easy to read and follow, making cooking easy and simple. I loved flicking through the recipes so much, I will definitely be trying out the insanity burger the next chance I get and adding many more to my weekly meal planner.

I also cant wait to try Jamie's Hummingbird Cake and I'm hoping to make it next week for Baby Pop's Blessing. The book is almost worth buying just for that recipe alone!

*Disclaimer: I was sent Jamie's Comfort Food for the purposes of this review. Also I should mention, that gorgeous kitchen pictured isn't mine, but my mums. I have serious kitchen envy, if I could steal it I would!*

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