Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My To-do list

I love a good list, its something I seem to have inherited from my Dad, he always had a list or 2 on the go, and still does! Right this second, in front of me I have a holiday packing list, next years list of holiday dates, a family birthday list, a shopping list, a list of things that need doing around the house, a list of things that I want done around the house and a list of lists that I need to well...list!

My favourite list has to be my to-do list. Over the years my to-do list has changed format and shape, I expect a lot from myself and over the last few months I've been trying to accept that I cant do everything and be everything! To combat this and help me accept this I came up with the perfect to-do list.

My list has 3 sections, the first is labelled 'Vitally Important' this is for things that need to be done in my day, today that's food shopping, washing and this blog post! The next section is called 'If You Find Time' this is for things I would like done, but there's no bad consequences if I don't get to it. Today's examples are, Putting the suitcases back in the loft, re-writing a blog post and finishing this weeks uni work. Things often stay in this category for 1 or 2 days before moving up into the Vitally Important category.

The last section is my favourite, it's the section that gievs me a kick up the backside every time I try and add more than I'm able to do onto my list, its labelled 'Write it down and forget about it, it's not happening so stop stressing!' Today's examples are things like making colour coded labels for my washing baskets and clearing out everyone's wardrobes. They aren't important, they don't need doing but I just needed to write it down to get the idea out of my head!

I love that my to-do list can keep me on track and keep me focused on the most important things to tackle. Its become a huge help in my day. If you think it might help you too, you can download and print my to-do list here. I'd love to hear how you organise your day, are you a list person like me or do you use another method?

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