Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Happy 4th Bearthday Tradition

In our family a 4th birthday is very exciting. A 4th birthday means a trip to the place teddy bears are made to pick out a new best friend with Nanna and Pops. Last Friday Big Girl was so excited when I dropped her and her car seat off at Nanna's house. She ran in and didn't even look back. They drove to Cribbs Causeway just outside of Bristol and made their way to The Bear Factory (I may have been following at a distance taking photos!)

Big Girl ran in and chose her new bear in her favourite colour, pink! She had it stuffed and put the heart in after making it brainy, cheeky and nosey then she watched as the assistant sewed up her new friends back.

She went off to fluff her up and then she named her. She was so excited to fill in the birth certificate and proudly showed her off before carefully placing her in the box to bring her home.

So without further ado, meet Big Girls new best friend who hasn't left her side since! Meet Big Girls new best friend, Strawberry Bear. 

The only down side is Baby Girl doesn't understand she has to wait 15 months for hers! She keeps saying, 'but I like making teddy's too!' The girl certainly knows how to wrap me round her little finger!

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