Saturday, 1 November 2014

A Julia Donaldson Giveaway

Both the husband and I love to read although we're both into very different things, the husband is a fantasy, sci-fi and conspiracy theory kind of man, and I'm a more 'based on real life' or stories that could be plausible fan! We love the fact both of our girls have inherited our love of books. Before bedtime, after we've read them their bedtime story both girls insist on keeping their lamps on for 5 more minutes to flick through whatever book they happen to have next to their beds. Big Girl also loves to pick a book from the book shelf and 'read' to Baby Pop when ever he's sat still for more than 5 minutes (which isn't often these days!) and Baby Girl is always on the look out for something to read whether it's a pamphlet that comes through the door or the cereal box.

When it comes to reading out loud, our (OK so it may be more my) favourite books are by Julia Donaldson. They are so easy to read, full of bright and engaging pictures and are interesting stories I don't mind reading over and over! To celebrate Baby Pops 1/2 birthday, throughout November I have 3 Julia Donaldson books to give away: The Smartest Giant In Town; Monkey Puzzle; and Stick Man all in paperback.

The first I am giving away is The Smartest Giant In Town. It's one of my favourites and it's about a giant who selflessly gives away all his new clothes to people who need them more than him. I love it because every time we read it it sparks a conversation about why he would do that, what it means to be kind and the things we could do for other people. If you would like this book all you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter below. It'll be open until November 30th and a winner will be randomly drawn and announced soon after. Good luck and I'll be announcing details on how to win the remaining 2 titles very soon!

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