Saturday, 15 November 2014

Siblings ~ November

The Girls are 14 months apart which means when Baby Girl came along, Big Girl was still a baby herself! They've both grown up with each other and having each other around has been normal. Big Girl has always, for as long as she remembers, had a baby sister and Baby Girl has always, always had a big sister. The Husband and I were a little nervous at the idea of introducing a baby into the sibling dynamic, but from the word go the girls accepted him into our family and have loved the baby that needs lots of cuddles, sleep and feeding. They have loved the baby that smiles, coos and spends time in his bouncy chair or crib. 

November has been a month of changes as Baby Pop has become more interactive and mobile. The Girls have had to get used to Baby pop being able to roll around the floor to get what he wants, and chasing them around in his baby walker which has resulted in many games being played on the stairs where they are 'safe'. Through out this past month I've watched as Big Girl has developed into a loving big sister who wants to keep her brother safe and happy. I love that she can make him smile and laugh when I'm making the dinner and unable to feed him or keeping him from toppling over when I absent mindedly leave the room with him sitting up (doesn't happen often, honest!).

Baby Girl is a little more distant from her brother, but will show love towards him in her own way, like sitting so close she knocks him over or putting her hand on him when he's crying. She doesn't particularly know what to do next, but she knows he needs comfort! I have loved watching their sibling bond strengthen over the last month and am looking froward to Baby Pop being able to be fully included in their games. 

One day I will get all 3 children looking in the same direction and smiling! 

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