Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A night out...

In October 2013 The Husband was given some restaurant vouchers from work, at the time I was pregnant, running around after 2 toddlers and all I wanted to do at the end of the day was curl up in bed and sleep, not get all dressed up and actually leave the house. We knew we had until the end of 2014 to use them, so the husband and I decided to wait till after baby Pop was born to set a date for a date.

Once Baby Pop arrived sleep deprivation kicked in, he was up every hour, and when life kicked in, despite having grown by just 1 very little person, our family seemed to have doubled. I spent all my time feeding, doing the washing and home schooling Big Girl, squeezing in the odd blog post and uni work. 

By the time Baby Pop was 6 months old, I was gaining in confidence and had this family of 5 thing sorted...ish. The Husband and I were ready to tackle booking a babysitter and having a much needed night out. Unfortunately, the children on the other had other ideas! Illness struck the house, first Big Girl got ill, followed by Baby Pop, Baby Girl and then The Husband got pneumonia. Just when we thought everyone was fine and well, the cycle started again, Baby Girl had a cold, Big Girl had a cold, I caught the cold, Baby Pop had a cough, Baby Girl was being sick, The Husband had a cough, Baby Pop had a cold, Big Girl had a cough… you get the idea! Having 3 children means 3 times the bugs and 3 times the illnesses and they just go round and round! 

Finally everyone is well(ish) enough to be left at Nana's house so The Husband and I are dropping the kids off and going on a proper date. Of course Baby Pop isn’t 100% so will be coming with us and I’ll have my phone close because Baby Girl also isn’t 100%. Its also the last day of the month and the last chance we have to use the vouchers before they expire (talk about cutting it fine!) Restaurants are packed busy this evening so we are off on a lunch date. The Husband has said in future he will decline restaurant vouchers and give them to people who have less children! Lets just hope that today we actually get our date!

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