Saturday, 28 February 2015

Not quite Goodbye

I've been writing this post for months, before deleting it or saving it and giving the blog one more shot, but the truth is, since Ollie came along I've lost my blogging mojo, and I really don't think its coming back. I started this blog in 2010, it was my journal, somewhere I could record what was happening in my life and in my children's' lives. Back then I just had 1 child, my Big Girl. Parenting was new and strange and I had no idea what I was doing, parenting wise or blogging wise! We were living in a rented house that was about to be knocked down and needed to find somewhere else to call home. I was stressed and lonely and the blog became my outlet. 

It has documented house moves, pregnancies and the births of 2 of my children. It has been my friend, at times it has felt like my only friend, and has held my hand through isolation, loneliness, and depression. There have been times I struggled to put what I was thinking and feeling into words. At those times my blog waited patiently  while I sat crying staring at an empty screen hoping someone somewhere understood. My blog held my hand and helped me back on my feet by introducing me to new friends who do understand, people who have been there before or who are there now. Its helped me to become me again by giving me a voice when I thought mine was lost.

My blog became a source of income, encouraging me to contribute to the family finances letting me know I have skills and talents, I am not worthless. Blogging was my job and something I loved doing. It has given me many amazing opportunities and experiences, some that I've written about here and others I've written about elsewhere. But right now, with 3 young children, home education and studying for my own degree, I have no enthusiasm for my blog. I want to, I want to continue my amazing journey and continue meeting amazing people and doing amazing things, but I'm struggling to muster the enthusiasm and words to write. 

I'm saying Goodbye, I'm not leaving the blogging world forever, my blog will always be here and occasionally I will pop back from time to time, but for now I'm moving on to other ventures. You may have seen us on YouTube, I would love it if you came over and subscribed, and continued following our journey through life. I'm always on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too, so pop on over and give me a like. 

Thank you for being here, for reading, following and bearing with me when life got tough. 
Until next time 
Leoni xx

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