Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hello old friend

Since stepping away from this blog I have learnt I really enjoy blogging and I've missed it! I stopped blogging because I lost my mojo, my drive, my love and my reason for it. I'd become frustrated at not finding the time to blog, not progressing in the Tots100 and other people seemingly doing it 200x better than I could ever dream of. 

What I didn't bank on was waking up one day and realising I missed it. I missed writing down all those random thoughts that race around my head, I missed recording my favourite recipe or talking about a funny thing the children had done. Suddenly my reason for blogging was back and unsurprisingly, it is my original reason for blogging! My journal. My diary. At the end of the day, the stats don't matter and what other people are doing don't matter, what matters is having my space to write down my thoughts and feelings. I have come to realise without the blog I am not complete.

So today, I am saying Hello to the world of blogging again. I'm embracing it like an old friend and jumping back in with 2 feet. I'm so excited and this break was just what I needed to get excited and re energised again. I have hundreds of ideas circulating around my head and I cant wait to start writing again.

Just under a year ago I bought a ticket to Blogtacular and I am so excited to be going next weekend. I cant wait to meet up with the friends that I have made blogging and to make new friends that I haven't yet heard of. It will be just wheat I need to get me going again.

Please stick around and bear with me, I have posts planned on camping, home education, social anxiety, studying with the OU and of course parenting my 3 amazing cheeky monkeys! Can you feel the excitement? 

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