Friday, 12 June 2015

Millie's Glasses

Millie has always wanted to wear glasses, for her that is the ultimate sign she is a grown up girl, all of her grandparents, half of her aunties and uncles and of course Adam and I both wear glasses, so it makes sense that she sees this as the mark of 'big girl' life.

This week we went along for her annual optician appointment, I tried my best to manage her disappointment from the outset, telling her that she could only have glasses if the optician said she needed them and reminding her that at her last appointment she didn't need them and that may be the outcome this time.

We went into the appointment and she was asked to read off letters and numbers, pick out letters from a line-up and look straight ahead while the optician had a good look at her eyes and then came the words she had been waiting to hear. The optician looked at me and said, 'I'm going to give her a weak prescription for....' before she had even finished speaking Millie had leapt off the chair and ran to the door. She knew exactly what glasses she wanted and was ready to grab them!

She got to try on many different styles and picked 2 she liked the best, unfortunately the optician wouldn't sign-off one of the pairs as they were a little big around her ears, but she was happy to go back and pick another.

She is thrilled to have reached this 'milestone' in her life and finally be a big girl. Now how do I break it to her that its only for 4 months and then it will be reviewed!

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