Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ploughing in a blizzard

I was driving down the road once on a bitterly cold day, the sun was shining and everyone was driving along hapily. Fast forward 60 minutes and there were thick white clouds in the sky, tumbling all around us were heavy flakes of snow. Drivers were getting slower and slower on the roads, the lane lines were disappearing and visibility was extremely poor. What once was busy fast moving 2 lane duel carriageway, was now a very slow single-file road. It felt like every inch we drove we were taking our lives in our hands. On the opposite side of the road was a snowplough, doing its best to shovel the snow as it continued to flutter down all around us. It was doing it's best but, it seemed to me, it wasn't making a single bit of difference. I've been thinking about that snowplough a lot today, trundling along even though it all seemed pointless to me, why would it bother? What's the point?

Its all to easy to relate this experience with my life, I'm sure most, if not all, of you have heard the saying "tidying a house with toddlers is like shovelling snow while its still snowing". As I write this I have washing overflowing in the bathroom, the girls are meant to be tidying their room but I hear them playing (and fighting) rather than tidying! My kitchen is tidy, but only because I sacrificed the living room in order to make it happen! The fight in the girls room has escalated and I need to step in. Millie is now whining at me, and Callie joins in. Its impossible to keep more than 1 room tidy at a time while my 3 adorable monkeys are rampaging through it faster than I can blink! Last night I found myself saying, what's the point?! Why am I bothering? And then I started thinking about the snowy day and the lonely snowplough that was attempting to keep the streets snow free during a blizzard.

Its easy to say 'what's the point', its easy to give up and dismiss what good you are doing. It may have seemed pointless for the snowplough to be ploughing during the blizzard, but then I remember the delicate lines of snow it was leaving on the road side. Its job, though seemingly pointless to me at the time, was to keep the streets from getting too bad. Imagine the state of the roads had he not been out. Imagine how many accidents there could have been, imagine the people in the the cars that would have skidded across the road being seriously injured, or worse dying, in the blizzard.

Its so easy to dismiss my efforts as a mother, to dismiss what I do during a day, to say my efforts just aren't worth it and why do I bother, particularly with so many little ones around. Then I imagine the mess that would encircle me, I imagine the fights that would escalate further, I imagine the children that would miss me and I know, without any doubt, my job is worth it. Shovelling snow in a blizzard isn't easy, but it is so worth it.

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