Monday, 29 June 2015

What to take when you go camping (with toddlers)

Almost 2 years ago (I really cant believe it was that long ago!) I posted up a quick kit list of all the things we take when we go camping for 4 days. Had I known at the time it was going to be one of my most re-pinned pins on Pinterest and most visited post, I would have taken more time over the post rather than just throwing something together as a response to a email I received!

Today I am updating that list, The girls have grown up a lot since then and many of the things we had on the original list, like dummies for the girls, are no longer needed. Plus we have had another child! Our new kit list is based on the way that we like to camp. For example, we like to take 2 tents with us, our main one with carpets and bedrooms and a separate day tent to cook and eat in. We also have a kitchen unit to put the cooker on in the day tent, but if you are new to camping, these things aren't actually needed.

Our kit list is a mixture of essentials and luxuries but all of the items make our camping experience a little bit better, from the folding bin that means we don't have to have a bin bag floating around the tent to the beach tent shelter that enables us to have a home from home when we decamp to the beach for the day, every item is essential and I honestly couldn't live without it. Everyone's kit will, and should, be unique to their family. This list is very much based on the needs of our family, Ollie has asthma so a baby mask for the inhaler is essential for us, but you may have other medical or physical needs. Play around with your list until you find something that works for you.

You can download and print off a full copy of my list here

Take a look at my top 5 tips for camping with toddlers to see how we use some of these things.

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