Monday, 6 July 2015

What a week!

Well actually its been 2 weeks. It started with Ollie tripping up and cracking his head open on the side of the bed, he had to have it glued together and being the little monster he is, he couldnt leave it alone. We ended up back in hospital the following day having it re glued together after he ripped off the tape opening it all up again. Then a few days later, while he was sat on my lap watching tv, he suddenly started behaving very strangely, twitching and shaking. I took him to A&E to get him checked out to make sure he was ok. It was decided he probably hadn't had a seizure but instead had stopped breathing for a short amount of time and was shaking due to lack of oxygen. Can I just point out that the dr was telling me this expecting to make me feel a little better. It did not.

The following day I recieved a phonecall from the head peadiatritian at the hospital who felt that it was probably best to give Ollie a CT scan, just ot be absolutely safe. He was telling me I needed to bring him in so I got out the callendar and asked when he was thinking. He repiled with 'how soon can you get here?' Those words filled me with panic, luckily Adam was literally walking through the door as I was talking to the dr so I was able to grab a couple of nappies, a bottle and my car keys and we went stright in. The scan involved swaddling him tight, using foam wedges to secure his head and me holding his chin in place with my hand resting on his chest so he didnt squirma nd arch his back. It wasnt a great expiearience for any of us, as soon as it was done I scooped my baby out of the big scary machiene and we had lots of cuddles. We were on tender hooks for 24 hours waiting for the dr to call, he would only call if there was a problem, so I was hoping the phone wouldnt ring, and every time it did my heart was in my mouth. Thankfully npne of the calls we recieved were from the dr so I can only assume the results came back all clear.

I was sure that due to spending the best part of a week in the hospital we were all due a break. Surely fate would deal us a nice relaxing hand and we could spend a few days at home recovering after the stress of the past week. Unfortunatly fate had other ideas. During a phonecall to my mum I mentioned that I had a headache and was struggling to stay awake, the children were also having a tired day and were led on the floor practically asleep. out of nowhere she asked if we had a carbon monoxide detector, trying to brush her off I said we did and it wasn't going off. She persisted and I went to check only to discover it missing and vaguely remembering accidentally leaving it at the old house when we moved. It transpired we had a leak into our house and within 30 minutes of opening all the doors and windows and getting some fresh air into myself and the children we had all perked up and were feeling much more awake and happy.

Surely now we would be cut some slack and we were due some accident free months? Again, fate had other ideas. Millie decided to stick her finger in a light bulb socket and in her words, it felt like a thousand spinners had gone off in her finger! Thankfully the shock was very mild and she has only been left with a small burn on her finger. I've given up hoping for an incident free week and instead am waiting paciently for the next. I'm saying 'Bring it on' to the universe and am daring it to throw something else my way, in the secret hope that is enough for now!

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