Sunday, 16 July 2017

Baby Bunting #4

My beautiful baby girl made quite a rushed entrance into this world.  We expected her to be quick, especially as Ollie was a 31 minute labour, but no one was expecting what is officially documented as a 2 minute labour! I say officially documented as initially we were told 4 minutes!

Due to previous complications and big babies I was expecting to be induced on 13th April. Unfortunately it was a very busy time for our maternity unit and there were no beds available, so I had to stay by the phone and they would call me when a bed became free and I could go in. If you've ever been pregnant, you'll now those last few days of pregnancy seem like a life time, and waiting for that phone call was excruciating. The phone finally rang at 6pm on Friday evening, just as we were about to put the kids to bed. Luckily my parents were on hand to take over and Adam and I excitedly went off to hospital.

We arrived at 7pm and after a quick tour of the unit I was ready for the pessary to kick start labour, except my body had other ideas. On examination I was already 3cm dilated and there was no point putting the pessary in, so a new action plan was drawn up and once again we were waiting for a phone call, this time from the labour ward. As I wasn't in active labour we weren't a priority case, so we waited and waited and waited until finally at 4.30am on Saturday morning, I was told there was a bed! We went down to labour and after all the paperwork and observations, my waters were broken with a massive tidal wave gush at 5.30am.

I was so tired by this point I just wanted to go to sleep. The midwife was totally against me going to sleep, but I'd been up since 5am on Friday morning and was just exhausted. As a compromise we agreed I could sleep for 10 minutes and then had to sit on a birthing ball and be active. My version of active however was to sit on the ball with my head on the bed and go to sleep some more!

I ended up dozing til 7.30 when they wanted to examine me and discovered I'd only dilated 1cm in 2 hours. They told me this was too slow and I needed to be put on the hormone drip to speed up dilation. I was 100% against this and pleaded for another hour to see what happened and reluctantly it was agreed. I think she agreed partly as it would mean there would be a shift change and my new midwife would be able to start and complete the process during her shift but whatever the reason, I was grateful for another hour without the drip.

At 8am, just after the shift change, I started feeling like I needed to push. The midwife looked at my notes and told me as I was only 4cm 30 minutes ago, so there was no way the baby was on its way! At 8.30ish my hour was up. If I hadn't progressed substantially by now it was time to start the hormone drip. I closed my eyes as she examined me and hoped that my body was moving in the right direction, after all the urge to push was getting stronger and stronger and I was struggling to suppress it. The midwife looked at me and explained that I was only 5cm. It wasn't enough. She told me my body wasn't progressing as they had hoped, and it really was time to start on the drip now. Reluctantly I agreed and she left the room to get everything ready.

Now here's where it gets a little hazy, once she left the room I turned to Adam and shouted at him because I didn't want to do this anymore. I didn't want to be pregnant and I didn't want to be in labour. Or not in labour. I told him I wasn't capable of giving birth and he needed to find someone else to do it! I told him I hated him and that he didn't care about me. Then I told him to press the buzzer because the baby was coming. I could feel the baby's head, it was on its way and I could no longer stop my body pushing it out!

I'm going to avoid being graphic here, so will gloss over the details a little. The midwife walked back into the room and looked at me and said "is that the baby's head?!" my first words to her were, "yes, I told you I needed to push, its out". It happened very quick as she pushed the emergency buzzer ran to grab some gloves and was hurriedly putting them on as she rushed over to me, but before she even had them on, my baby girl was led on the bed!

I was in shock, Adam was in shock, the midwife was in shock, the anaesthetist who had been called to give me a epidural and arrived just at that moment was in shock and the midwives who ran into the room to help with the emergency were shocked to see me holding a baby. Needless to say nothing was ready and after all the checks had been done we were once again waiting around until an antenatal bed could be found.

Introducing Elyana Hannah Colleen Bunting, my gorgeous baby girl born at 8.36am on Saturday 15th April.

She is very loved by all her siblings who fight for any opotunities to play or cuddle.

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