Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Just a little update...

I'm sat at my laptop bouncing a baby on my knee, an exhausted broken mess surrounded by boxes. My children are 'tidying' the living room, and by tidying I mean shouting at each other and then coming to find me to whine that one of them isn't helping enough, and my first thought was of this blog. This was my sanity saver in the first few months after Callie and Ollie was born and I guess I'm looking once more for that slice of sanity now Ellie is here. We are in the throws of sleepless nights, being glued to the sofa all day and experiencing all those firsts. Ellie's gorgeousness and gummy smiles right when I need them is the only thing that's saving me from loosing the plot right now.

Having a baby isn't the only thing we have been up to in the ....oh far too long since I last posted! We're also moving house, hence the boxes. At least I hope we're moving house. We were all lined up and ready to go 3 weeks ago. All ready to exchange contracts, and then nothing. Our buyers solicitor disappeared for a few days, no one could get hold of them and the day came and went without any exchange. since then, suddenly we are no longer ready to exchange. There have been further questions, more delays and I'm just sat waiting for the phone to ring. It would drive anyone to the edge, and that's exactly where I am right now. Half our life is boxed up and the other half is on hold until we're in our new house.

I'm hoping against all hope we move before the sweet little baby i gave birth to grows out of her 3-6 month clothes. I have a whole bundle of clothes in the next size up... i just have no idea what box they are in! Judging by the babygrow shes wearing at the moment, it wont be too long before I'm going to need to hunt it out! Did I mention
this little one is only 12 weeks old?! Shes growing far too fast for my liking, but then after a 4 minute birth shes obviously just in a hurry to catch up with her sisters and brother!

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