Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Our Dabble in to Being Gardners

When the girls bought home a homework project that involved keeping a plant alive and writing a diary about it, right when I was due to give birth, I have to admit to being a little less than thrilled. Especially as it was a competition and the girls were so excited by it! Still, at least we managed to submit a diary

Our Dabble in to Being Gardeners
By The Buntings

Day 1,
Today we planted our seeds…Well actually today we got fed up of asking mummy if we could plant our seeds and hearing “not today, maybe tomorrow”, so we asked daddy. He’s a much more enthusiastic gardener than mummy and was really excited to grow some tomato plants with us.
We carefully watered the pot, opened the packet of seeds and dropped them in, we gently placed them on the kitchen windowsill and were very excited to start on our journey of becoming gardeners. Luckily mummy immediately spotted daddy’s mistake and grabbed a sharpie. It’s like she can see can sense argument territory. With the crisis averted and our names now clearly sharpied on the pots we went to bed happy.

Day 2,
This afternoon Callie pulled up a chair to the kitchen sink and ‘watered’ her tomato plant while mummy was busy doing something else. When I say watered, I mean she drowned it. There was water everywhere, all over the kitchen counter, dripping on to the floor and Callie was covered head to toe in water. Mummy was alerted to the problem when Ollie ran into the kitchen, slipped in the water and cried out because he couldn’t stand up. Mummy says it was like a scene from Bambi and had to sit down before helping because she was laughing so much, she says it was so funny she might just laugh the baby out. Callie said “I just wanted to make it grow faster”, mummy said next time we had to check with her first.

Day 4,
This plant growing business is boring. Daddy says it’s going to be days before anything happens and mummy says “if you ask one more time if the plants have grown yet…”she’s never actually finished the sentence so we don’t know what will happen. Maybe if we ask just one more time we might find out…

Day 9,
Yesterday mummy had the baby! Despite our plants living in full sight on the kitchen window sill, no one thought to water them while mummy was in hospital. Mummy says she feels sorry for the poor plants, we drowned them and then dehydrated them, we gave them a good water but she’s not sure they will grow now.

Day 14,
Today we asked mummy if we could see how our plants were doing. We watched the blood drain from her face as she realised she had forgotten all about them. Millie’s is doing really well, but Callie’s is a little different (mummy says that’s ironic, but we don’t really understand what she means) it seems to be growing upside-down. We don’t really know what to do about this, mummy has never come across a plant growing downwards and out the bottom of the pot before. We’re hoping it sorts itself out soon!

Day 18,
Today is a sad day. There were bugs. We heard mummy shouting at them, she wasn’t happy with the bugs, she called them lots of names and daddy said she’d lost the plot, but as Ellie was only 7 days old and mummy had watched her be so sick in the hospital, it was allowed. Callie and I were devastated as we watched mummy pick up the pots and throw them outside, but daddy has PROMISED us we can go to Homebase and pick out some new plants to hand over. Mummy says they will not be stepping a foot inside her house. EVER!

Day….we lost count
The plants are due back in school tomorrow and we haven’t been to Homebase yet and now it’s too late. Mummy and daddy said they’re very sorry but they’ve been pre occupied thinking about moving house, mummy promised we’re not going to be made homeless, but we can tell they’re a little bit worried about it, even if they say they’re not…Plus they promised we would go to Homebase and see how that worked out!

So we don’t have our plants, but we hope you see the funny side of our dabble into being gardeners, Mummy says we won’t be growing anymore plants in the near future, Daddy said he would grow some plants with us, mummy didn’t look impressed

I'm thrilled to say they won a prize for the diary part of the competition. They won, wait for it... A packet of seeds each. It's safe to say, I'm not going to be planting them any time soon!

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