Meet the Bunting's

Hi! My name is Leoni and I'm a 27 yer old mum of 3 under 5. Millie is 4.5 she is learning to read and loves playing with her dolls house. Callie is 3 and loves being a big sister and dressing up, then there is baby Ollie. He is 14 months and loves to climb, shout and throw food! Between the 3 of them they ensure that my life is always interesting and rarely predictable. Adam is the amazing man I am married to, he is a 34 year old accountant, he loves his job, but unfortunatly he does work long hours and often far away from home.

Adam working so hard means family time is very precious to us and when we are all together we love to make the most of it, weather its watching a film together snuggled on the sofa or having a picnic on the beach. As well as taking care of the girls I love baking and decorating cakes and writing for the blog.

This blog is all about our life together the girls as they grow and the random stuff that makes us smile. I hope you enjoy reading and if you are interested in working with us, please don't hesitate to contact me


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