Pregnant With Baby Pop

I don't enjoy being pregnant, in fact you could say that I really hate it! There are the odd moments I enjoy but for me, the negative outweighs the positives. I'm not going to promise to always be upbeat and joyful about this pregnancy, that wouldn't be real, but I will always try to be level and fair.

Baby Bunting 3 is due in May 2014 and despite my hatred of pregnany we couldn't be more excited and thrilled to be welcoming anther child into our family. Follow my journey from pregnancy to birth below by clicking the links.

The pregnancy announcement

Why I love my midwives

I'm pregnant? Are you sure? Meet baby Pop for the first time in our scan pictures

14 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks Pregnant

A Safe environment or a dangerous place to be? My hatred of pregnancy stems from medical problems with my womb, things aren't as straight forward as we would like.

18 Weeks Pregnant

20 weeks! I'm half Way.

Support Bands, I'm very grateful for my new pregnancy support band

22 Weeks Pregnant

Nesting, I started nesting over Christmas, re decorating the living room and buying cushions, because of course baby pop is going to care about the cushions! (more likely he will just throw up all over them)

24 Weeks Pregnant

28 Week Pregnant

Writing a birth plan

32 weeks and fed up!

38 weeks, tired grumpy and grouchy

Introducing baby Pop


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